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Reading Nutritional Labels Can Help You Lose Weight

September 19, 2012 by FOX NEWS in WEIGHT & OBESITY

Taking an extra minute to read over a nutritional label could help a person lose nearly 10 pounds, according to a new study, HealthDay reported.

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A U.S. National Health Interview Survey examined 25,000 observations on eating and shopping habits of U.S. consumers. An international team of scientists analyzed the results of the study and found, on average, women who read the nutritional facts weighed up to nine pounds less than women who did not check the label on their favorite foods.

“First, we analyzed who read the nutritional label when purchasing foods, and then we moved on to the relationship with their weight,” said the study’s lead author Maria Loureiro in a university news release from the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

People with higher degrees of education, including high school and college educations, paid more attention to nutritional labels, as did those who lived in urban areas. White women who lived in cities were found to be the biggest readers in supermarket aisles. Smokers were found to be the least cautious of nutritional value, which the researchers associated with their lack of a healthier lifestyle.

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